Thursday, 21 June 2018

ecomo® Service

ecomo® calling (Tip: save blue ecomo® icon  near your standard green icon for ease of use) .

  • ecomo® is available for use with all Smartphone and Tablets that run the i-Phone® or the Android® operating systems. (You can use any make of Smartphone or Tablet).
  • ecomo® calls are high quality (make sure your Mobile number is set to ‘Show User ID’ as we use your Mobile to identify you when you call).
  • ecomo® will save customers between 50 to 95% versus Mobile rates (Please check our rates on our site).
  • ecomo® customers can use UK Pounds, US$, Euros or Aussie Dollars and ecomo® accepts all major debit and credit cards and Paypal or Google wallet via its secure payment gateway.
  • ecomo® allows calls via wifi or 3G/4G connections or a local number giving customers every commercial and usage call options to make a call and save too. ecomo® even works if there is no 3G signal or INTERNET access! (via Local number calling button).
  • ecomo® to ecomo® calls are FREE! ecomo® uses your contacts list and identifies all contacts and ecomo® contacts too.
  • ecomo® customer services 0044 207 442 8812

General Note

ecomo® works via the wifi/3G calling button in over 200 countries and via the ‘Local Number’ button in over 50 countries. Each country has a different Mobile market. Whatever your local Mobile market ecomo® allows you to choose how you call via wifi or 3G/4G or a local number so that you can enjoy ecomo® high quality low cost calls in the most convenient and cost effective manner possible.


ecomo® is promoted globally using a coordinated team of ecomo® Ambassadors.

Each Ambassador will have a country of interest or a marketing community of interest where they have presence and market value.

Being an ecomo® Ambassador is not some kind of pyramid scheme – we don’t ask you for any money – we just offer competent individuals around the world to share in our success by simply

promoting ecomo® to customers who will benefit from using the ecomo® service.

It is not really a hard sell…….

Being an Ambassador means you are a user of ecomo® and this means you will see how much money you have save first hand and how good the service actually is!

Referring friends, family, business contacts and associates to the ecomo® service will get you rewarded and you can do so with confidence because of your very own positive ecomo® experience.

To find out more of what is on offer and how you can make good money promoting our service whilst saving using it – please email ad we will follow up. All applicants must be over the age of 18 and have a bank account.

But don’t delay as we can only have a certain number of Ambassadors and we offering the positions on a first come first served basis.



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