Thursday, 21 June 2018

How ecomo® works

ecomo® is available for use with all Smartphone and Tablets that run the i-Phone® or the Android® operating systems.

1) ecomo® customers sign up at through a secure verification process via the SIGN UP tab.

  • We recommend you use your mobile number in the format 00 + country code + mobile number (less initial zero) i.e. in the UK 00 44 XXX XXX XXXX.
  • Try and make your password something easy for you to remember but difficult for anyone else to guess. (This should be kept secret in the normal way).
  • You will receive a verification email with your details. These are confirmed by you.
  • You are now an ecomo® account holder with your unique valid username/account number and password.

2) ecomo® account holders download the ‘ecomo’ app from App Store or Google Play.

3) Click on the blue ecomo® icon

4) Enter your Username/Account Number and Password (ecomo® will remember your detailsnext time you use it)

5) Access Number Settings – ‘Choose Your Country’ button. Click this button and select the country you are in. Note: There are 50 + countries listed. If your country is not listed just select ‘Country Not Supported’ - ecomo® will still work with wifi or 3G.

Making Calls with ecomo®

  1. Select the blue ecomo® (Tip save it on your Smartphone next to the normal Green call icon so it is easy to find)
  2. Press the green ‘Continue’ tab
  3. Up comes the ecomo® call pad and you will see your account credit in the top right hand corner
  4. Check you are registered with ecomo® (i.e. linked into our system) You are registered when a small green circle appears next to your Mobile number in the top left corner of the screen. (If a red dot with ‘registration in progress’ please wait to register).
  5. Press ‘Contacts’ to select the number you wish to dial
  6. The number is then captured in the ecomo® calling box at the top of the screen
  7. Select either of the two ecomo® calling buttons to make your calls.

Making Calls with ecomo® - the choice is yours!

ecomo® has two calling buttons – 1) the blue ‘Call via wifi/3G/4G button and 2) the ‘Call via local number’ button allowing ecomo® customers to call in every possible way!

1) Calling using the ecomo® ‘Call via wifi/3G/4G’ button

a. If your Smartphone can access a wifi hotspot then do so. So for example if you are at home in the office or if you are a member of a free hot spot  provider just jump on the wifi hotspot and use ecomo® using the ‘Call via wifi/3G/4G’ button. If the Hotspot is Free you will only be charged the per minute rate from ecomo® to make the call. (50 to 95% saving)
b. If you are in the street, or hands free in the car or just unable to reach a hotspot you can use the local 3G/4G network provided by your underlying  Mobile operator. Using ecomo® in this way will usage data from your Data package allowance. ecomo® uses 8Kbs of data per second. This means that if you make a 1 minute international call on ecomo® using your 3G/4G you will use 480Kbs of data. This is not very much at all, for example if you have 1Gbs of data in your Mobile operator allowance you could call for 34 Hours a month without additional charges. ecomo® calls made within your data allowance result in you being charged the per minute rate from ecomo®. (50 to 95% saving)

2) Calling using the ecomo® ‘Call via Local Number’ button

a. Calling via this option uses your free minutes allowance from your underlying Mobile operator. Typically you will have a 1000 minutes or even unlimited free minutes allowance. ecomo® calls made within your minutes allowance result in you being charged the per minute rate from ecomo®. (50 to 95% saving)

General Note

ecomo® works via the wifi/3G calling button in over 200 countries and via the ‘Local Number’ button in over 50 countries. Each country has a different Mobile market.

Whatever your local Mobile market ecomo® allows you to chose how you call via wifi or 3G/4G or a local number so that you can enjoy ecomo® high quality low cost calls in the most convenient and cost effective manner possible.




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