Sunday, 15 September 2019
  • ecomo® - Mobile Community!

    ecomo® is the global Mobile community where users call, conference, and chat with each other anywhere in the world. ecomo® works on ALL Android® & I Phone® smartphones and tablets and ecomo® customers are everywhere in the world, so spread the word, and ask your friends and family to join the ecomo® revolution today!

  • ecomo® FREE!

    ecomo® FREE is available between ALL ecomo® customers everywhere in the world and between any country in the world. It doesn®t matter where you are in the world all ecomo® customers can call, conference and chat between each other for FREE. Just sign up and use our ecomo® icon.

  • ecomo® OUT!

    ecomo® OUT allows ALL ecomo® customers everywhere in the world to make quality calls to non ecomo® users mobiles or landlines at massively reduced call rates compared with alternatives. Check our rates here. For more details. Just sign up and use our ecomo® icon

  • ecomo® - Ambassadors

    ecomo® users can also become active as an ecomo® Ambassador. Once signed up as an ecomo® Ambassador you not only save money but earn money too! Just send an email to us at You will need to be an existing ecomo® customer before you can become an Ambassador.

  • ecomo® - 200,000 happy callers! – 5th November 2015

    A great big thank you from the ecomo(r) team to all our users worldwide!! Over 200,000 ecomo users in 212 countries around the world have made over one billion free and paid international calls so far! ecomo Social Media following has

    IMC announce ecomo® Global on 1st Birthday! - 24th November 2014

    Internet Mobile Communications Ltd (IMC) are delighted to announce that it smartphone calling application ecomo® is now officially global. IMC launched ecomo® in November 2013 using its own network of ecomo® Ambassadors and a global social media m

    IMC Win Small Business of the Year 2014 Award - 26th September 2014

    Internet Mobile Communications Ltd (IMC) are pleased to announce the award of the Small Business of the Year 2014 at this year’s Newsquest Business Awards held at the Fennes, Bocking, United Kingdom on Friday 26th September 2014. IMC wer
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    • Use wifi/3g/4G or local access
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  • Client Testimonials


      - hurensohn
    • Ecomo® is a reliable and useful app for saving money on international calls, and free ones for ecomo® to ecomo® calls! With no contract process, signing up to ecomo® was very easy.

      - Chiara Dong (Malaysia)
    • The sign up process for ecomo® was quick and easy, I was making free calls to friends with ecomo® in minutes! At such low costs I will definitely continue to use the app.

      - Abul Kateb (Algeria)
    • Ecomo® provides me with high quality calls and messaging at a great price, and at no price at all when contacting friends who have downloaded ecomo®! The more who download ecomo®, the more who save! I would definitely recommend signing up at

      - Nikita Volkov (Ukraine)
    • Ecomo® is a great way to keep in contact with friends and family abroad, and if they have ecomo® too you can call for free! Not having to worry about my mobile costs has been incredibly helpful.

      - Nick Wade (Bermuda)
    • Since I started using ecomo® my calls have been far more flexible, I can make calls anywhere at any time and all at only a fraction of the price I was paying on my previous network! I will definitely be recommending the app to friends.

      - Marcelo Bastos (Brazil)
    • Using ecomo for Free from Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean is just amazing. I go to the Coffee shop and get their hot spot and call my friends in France for free. Its great.

      - Patrice Mogalia (Reunion Island)mog
    • ecomo® saves me £30 per month as I need to call home every couple of days. The service is really good and the more people I know who join ecomo® then the more I save.

      - Tomasz Papp. (Hungary)
    • ecomo® means I can keep in contact with home from my smartphone whilst I am here in the UK studying and save in the process! ecomo® is so simple to use and works well.

      - Irina Borisov (Bulgaria)
    • ecomo® means my family can contact me too and save money. I love the ecomo® service its so easy to use and you can use wherever you are.

      - Ibeth Rodrigues (Peru)
    • ecomo®lets me call my overseas friends at the fraction of my normal mobile cost!

      - Bob Yu (Hong Kong)
    • ecomo® has saved me and it’s a great service. It always works and I can use my contact to call in the normal way so I can enjoy more phone time with my family.

      - Javinder Patel (India)
    • I love ecomo® because if you are on the move you chose to call out via a hotspot or 3G connection and if your mobile signal is weak or you cant get a 3G signal you can use the local access number calling button. It gives me total flexibility and means I can always call on ecomo® and save money.

      - Simon Chandler (New Zealand)